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AVG Free antivirus now deemed as SpyWare as it happily gathers user data to sell for profit

Privacy information - PrivateRelay - Posted 24 Sep 2015 13:14 CET

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In an interesting article in today's UK Independent, it has highlighted the new privacy policy of the Czech company AVG. AVG Free has, for many years, been the antivirus program of choice for many Windows users.

As the article laments there is no such thing as 'a free lunch', and AVG are now explicitly telling users how they make money from their data. Rather than burying the change in their privacy policy, AVG have even gone to the lengths of putting together a video explaining how this is handled. The video goes on to explain that this data sharing is limited to non-personal data “unless you give your consent” and “except in limited circumstances”. This we think most people will agree, leaves the door wide open.

All companies need to cover the costs of their staff and overheads of providing their product or service. In a way one must give credit to AVG for explaining what they do. The fact however that this is done in a misleading and completely unbinding way should be a heads up for anyone interested in their personal privacy.

Do other free antivirus providers so the same? Probably. As with any service that is important in managing your personal data, try wherever possible to use a reputable paid service and check their privacy policy. A paid provider has the means, and usually the will, to look after you as a client and not sell data it has on you for profit.

Source: Independent (UK)


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