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The Netherlands decides firmly on the side of citizens and concludes NO to back doors into their privacy

Privacy information - PrivateRelay - Posted 8 Jan 2016 10:24 CET

Dutch governemnt logo

The Dutch government has recently published a paper which comes firmly down on the side of citizens in state snooping.

The pros and cons of the debate have been running for some time in the country with the final five page report arguing for greater encryption. It also states that the issues created by states having back door access to citizen's data outweighs the benefits that might bring.

The primary software used to encrypt the vast majority of computer data "OpenSSL", was also recently given a grant of half a million euros by the Dutch government to expand their work.

Whilst the parliamentary debates in many countries is at odds with this decision, the Netherlands must be applauded for it's rational look at citizen rights versus the investigatory benefits of the police and other institutions.

Source: The Register


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