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Want to find out if the UK intelligence authorities have any data on you?

Privacy information - PrivateRelay - Posted 29 Sep 2015 14:40 CET

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Privacy International (PI) recently won a court case against the UK intelligence service (GCHQ). This means that individuals from anywhere around the world can now request if GCHQ have data on them.

PI have put together a how-to site which helpfully details how to kick off the procedure. This involves preparing the relevant PDF documents, which can then be printed, signed and posted by mail the Investigatory Powers Tribunal in the UK. Users can also digitally sign the documents and send them via email.

We aren’t too sure on how effective this search request will be, judging by the obvious massive number of requests that will be submitted. This might be more of PI trying to prove a point in clogging up the service and causing a huge amount of money to be spent in the process. Either way we think it’s a great idea and more than one of our team have already submitted their requests.

Source: Privacy International


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