Secure your personal data
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Personal data is private, and should stay that way.

Liberate yourself from free providers by choosing to be the client, not the product.

No data sharing, selling or user profiling
and we directly manage all our servers which are located in France.

  • Email

    A feature rich web client and full mobile support, which automatically downloads and alerts of new email.
  • Contacts

    All your contacts managed and updated in one place, accessible on your desktop and also when on the go.
  • Calendars

    Meetings, appointments, events and birthdays all with reminder alerts and managed with ease.
  • Tasks

    Task management couldn't be easier with priorities and progress classification.
  • Encrypted data

    Data passing between you and our servers is fully encrypted, keeping your data safe.
  • Sharing

    A collaborative solution where contacts and calendars can be shared with friends and colleagues.
  • Synchronised

    Seamless synchronisation between each of your devices.
    Our systems use 'Exchange', not just plain IMAP / CalDAV, which automatically synchronises and alerts of new email.

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Email server checker

Email server checker

View the current security / privacy rating of any email address. Our free utility is available here.

Account manager

Account manager

Our account manager is your control panel to manage your email accounts held with PrivateRelay.

Secure your data

Secure your data

Learn how to secure your personal data and better use the Internet through your devices.