The PrivateRelay Team

Internet specialists with privacy at their heart

PrivateRelay is a product of our holding company Quad Logic, which started business developing Internet solutions for European organisations from offices in France in 1996. We are an Internet savvy French / English team highly specialised in Internet networking protocols and programming.

Over the recent past we have become aware that the Internet model of 'everything for free' simply isn't working. We therefore decided to put together a product which meets the needs of both individuals and business professionals, in protecting their sensitive private data traversing the Internet. Our Email, Tasks, Contacts and Calendar solution is a secure alternative, where your data privacy is our business, literally.

We are not ideologically against free email providers, but we do take issue with sensitive private data being used for marketing and the personal profiling of individuals. Your calendar, contacts and email already hold a wealth of data, couple this with your internet searches and you create, literally, an information gold mine for organisations to exploit and quite often misuse.

Et voilà, as we say in French, PrivateRelay was created as a real and credible secure alternative for individuals and companies, understanding the need for real data privacy.

Data stored with PrivateRelay is encrypted between you and our servers, this therefore prevents the viewing of this data by internet providers and other institutions. This then coupled with our commitment to never share, read or review your data gives you the peace of mind that someone is actively looking to protect your information, and not simply seeing this as a means to increase their bottom line...



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