Ordering FAQ

Information on ordering our services

Included below are some common questions and responses relating to ordering an account with us:

How are payments handled?

Card payments are processed directly with our French bank CIC. Note that we do not hold any payment card details of our clients.

Can I pay by PayPal?

Yes. Credit card payments are handled by our French bank CIC. If however you would like to use your PayPal account to pay for your order then this is also possible. Please complete your order on our web site and then choose payment by 'Bank transfer'.

Once you have confirmed your order then connect to your PayPal account and make an email payment to:

Don't forget to include your order reference with the payment.

Are there any restrictions on ordering countries?

No, we accept orders from anywhere around the world.

I want to pay in USD or another currency.

Orders are accepted only in the Euro currency. If you decide to pay using PayPal however this will be converted to your local currency during payment. Details will be given on screen when connected to PayPal.

Can I pay by cheque?

Cheque payments are accepted only if the cheque is in Euros, and drawn on a French bank.

Where is my invoice?

Invoices are available by clicking on ‘Orders / invoices’ in the ‘account manager’, after the order has been both paid, and account(s) created.

How can I order using our EU VAT number?

If you are ordering 5 or more accounts on the same order, then we will process the EU VAT number manually. To facilitate this please first create your administrative account with us. Then send us a support request and supply your account reference and EU VAT number. We will verify and then modify your account prior to you ordering so the rate will be taken into account.


We will contact you six weeks prior to the renewal date of your account. This will give details on how to renewal your account prior to expiration. All renewals are appended to the current end date. Various reminders will be sent up to your final renewal date.

If we have not received payment on your renewal date then your account will be suspended. Should you renew the account within 90 days of suspension then the account will be reactivated. Accounts which have not been renewed after 90 days will be permanently deleted from our systems.