Technical FAQ

Frequently asked questions on using our services

Included below are some common questions and responses relating to operating your account with us:

I am getting the error 'Password incorrect' when setting up my mobile device

Firstly check that your password has been setup when you 'activated' the account. You can do this by checking that you can login to your 'WebClient'. If this is working then try again to setup your mobile device again. Please carefully 'retype' the password in each of the fields on your device which should sort out the problem. Note that passwords are case sensitive and MyP455w0r9 is very different than MYP455W0R9.

If you have problems logging into the 'WebClient' then you may not have activated your account and defined the password. To do this please access your 'Account manager', choose the account and then choose 'Modify this account'. You will then have the ability to setup both the name used for the email account, and to define a password.

I can't connect to the web client

Our WebClient is only accessible with a secure connection using https. Please check that you are using the correct URL, either: or

How can I check my quota?

When logged into the WebClient your quota is graphically shown underneath your name on the top right of the screen. This line represents the space used by your account, and will change to red if your account starts to fill up.

If you also move your mouse over your name a popup will also display indicating the exact numbers, for example 'Quota: 3% (451.3 Mb of 15Gb)'.

What is the maximum email size?

We are happy to provide a maximum size of email of 50Mb.

Can I have two web client's open at the same time

Yes, but you will need to connect either using two different web browsers, or using two different domains. In additional to our standard .com, we also have our .io domain open for access, you therefore have a choice using either of these URLs: and

I've been sent an email or invoice in the wrong language

We send out communications based on each client's language settings. If you have received an email or invoice in the wrong language then please update your 'Personal data' when logged into your 'Account manager'.