Product features

Simple, powerful and above all private.

Email, Tasks, Contacts and Calendar which synchronise seamlessly between your computers and mobile devices. Our systems use 'Exchange', not just plain IMAP / CalDAV, which means you don't need to manually click to download!


  • Mobile alerts when new email is received
  • Unlimited email aliases
  • Automated synchronisation with all your devices (through PUSH)
  • Web access to your email using a feature rich interface
  • Grouping of email by conversation or time line
  • Ability to create folders and classify emails, ideal for the business professionals
  • Links to contacts / previous contacts to automatically complete To: addresses
  • Active spam filters which learn from your classification of Spam on what to move spam to your Spam folder
  • Print views for the perfect printing of your emails
  • Full support for html content emails
  • Spell checking
  • Automatic inclusion of images in emails
  • Full support for email attachments
  • Email creation with html support for fonts, font size, colours, images and much more


  • Automated synchronisation with all your devices (through PUSH)
  • Priority levels
  • Task lists
  • Progress with start and end date / times
  • Completion status


  • Automated synchronisation with all your devices (through PUSH)
  • Ability to create different Address books and contacts classified accordingly
  • Possibility to both Import and Export from third party software or free email services
  • Ability for notes to be linked with contacts
  • Dates for birthdays / anniversaries
  • Distribution lists can be defined with contacts to manage specific groups


  • Reminders can be set at different time intervals and are synchronised to your mobile devices
  • Automated synchronisation with all your devices (through PUSH)
  • Ability to define different calendars to group and colour code events
  • Events can be defined as full day or time based and Free / Busy
  • Ability to define fully configurable recurring events
  • Full support for shared calendars
  • Possibility for event proposals between colleagues
  • Rich text and html notes can be linked to events
  • Spell checking

PrivateRelay gives you all the features you are used to, with the added benefit of knowing that your private data rests secure and is not used in any profiling.

For more information see how it works.



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