Migrating email

Transfer your email to PrivateRelay in a few simple steps

Importing your current emails, contacts and calendar(s) couldn’t be easier.

The web client that we use is Zimbra, an exceptional product that has extensive support to import data from various systems.

Note that these instructions are for use on a PC or Mac computer.


The easy way to copy email from another system into PrivateRelay, is to add an ‘External account’ to your Zimbra interface on PrivateRelay, and then copy the emails. This is done using something called IMAP.

Note that you must activate IMAP access to your account in Gmail, if you have not already done so. Google also has an option for what is calls less secure Apps, you must activate this before IMAP access will be made available. Firstly login to Gmail then use this link.

Proceed in Zimbra as follows:

  1. Log into PrivateRelay and then when in Zimbra choose Preferences at the top, and then Accounts on the left.
  2. Click Add external account and then continue to complete the information relating to your account.
  3. The IMAP user name should be the same as your email address, eg. joebloggs@gmail.com.
  4. For Gmail use imap.gmail.com as the server, change IMAP port to 993 and click Use encrypted connection.
  5. For Outlook use imap-mail.outlook.com as the server, change IMAP port to 993 and click Use encrypted connection (SSL).
  6. Then click Save on the top left, and the new external account will be added.

Once your account has been setup go into Mail in ‘Zimbra’. You will then be able to access all your email by clicking on the new account which you have just created.

Simply copy all the email you want to keep to your Zimbra account. Once you are happy you can delete the External account you created by choosing the Delete option from option 1.



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