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Our servers have been configured to give the maximum possibilities in the interaction between all of your devices. Each of the different configurations are shown below:

Web access

Access to your email, tasks, contacts and calendar can all be done using the feature rich interface of Zimbra. Each connection to the servers is made using 'https' ensuring that the data sent between your machine and the server is entirely encrypted.

We offer the ability to use industry signed SSL certificates, or for the more concerned clients, we also have access available using our internally signed SSL certificates. The choice is yours.

Mobile access

Mobile access is provided using either the Exchange or IMAP protocols. Most users will setup their mobile accounts using 'Exchange'. This protocol ensures seamless synchronisation between devices, and full support for PUSH email and alerts.

If only email / tasks are required, or where the 'Exchange' protocol is not available, then 'IMAP' may be used.

Again, both Exchange and IMAP use SSL secured connections between your devices and the servers. Using Exchange we also provide the possibility of using our internally signed SSL certificates.

Desktop / other access

We offer full support for Desktop programs such as Outlook and Thunderbird. This is provided using the IMAP protocol for compatibility with the broadest range of software.

Desktop access is established using encrypted SSL connections to our servers.

Self-signed - PrivateRelay certificates

Though not required for most users, we also offer the possibility to use PrivateRelay self-signed certificates. More information on this option is available on our Self-signed certificates page.



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