How it works

An explanation of how our service operates.

An account with PrivateRelay works in the same way as most other Email, Tasks, Contacts and Calendar solutions. Your information can be accessed and updated using a range of different methods, to assist you in the most efficient way of managing your data.

Our solutions include web client access, support for almost all mobile devices, specific protocol access for PC based software and also the sending of email using our systems. This is all then linked together using a fully secure environment with encryption between your devices and the PrivateRelay servers.

Email and tasks

All emails between your devices and the servers are encrypted. Better still, if you are sending email to other people within PrivateRelay, then your messages rest fully encrypted until their destination. Email for other remote systems will be sent based on the security level of those remote systems.

Your email synchronises between all of your devices. Emails sent / received will be accessible on every device setup with your PrivateRelay account. Seamlessly move from desktop to smart phone to tablet, a perfection solution.


As with email, the synchronisation of contacts data between all of your devices happens seamlessly. A change of an email or telephone number on your smart phone will then be immediately duplicated to all of your devices and web access. And all this is done in an encrypted form to stop any third party accessing your contacts information.


For many people their Calendar, or agenda, is critical for their personal organisation. Timed or full day events, reminders, anniversaries and collaborative mettings are some of the features of the module. The Calendar feature synchronises in the same way as Email and Contacts, securely and in an instant between all of your devices.

In addition you can have multiple calendars, and each of these can be shared with others, be it friends, family or business associates. Access restrictions for read only, or full access can be included to then facilitate a truly collaborative experience between users.

The PrivateRelay systems have been designed to protect your data. Your Contacts and Calendar stay within our networks and are therefore entirely encrypted between your devices and the servers. Your email will also remain entirely encrypted between PrivateRelay users, falling back to the encryption used by other networks when sent to their users.

Details of our different packages are available on our price page, or check out our technical information page for details on the different protocols used.



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